Joseph coloring at his table.

1. My big guy seems to grow up in leaps and bounds each and every day. From learning to master new things and becoming more definitive about what he wants and doesn’t want, to “helping” with Dominic (his new favorite thing is to grab a burp cloth and wipe the drool from Dominic’s mouth)… he just seems like such a big boy all of a sudden. He’s so funny and so much fun, loves big hugs and even bigger kisses. I’m enjoying my time with him so, so much.

2. We have a scooter! Dominic hasn’t totally taken off yet, but this week he’s moved from rocking on his hands and knees to pulling his knees up under him and scooting forward a little bit. He’s also slept all night two or three times this week, which is totally glorious. He’s done it a handful of times, but nothing consistent yet. And I’m sure I just jinxed it and he’ll be up like a mad man tonight!

Joseph and Dominic snuggling on the couch.

3. Since having kids, I get a little irate at companies that don’t open until 10am. I mean, isn’t everyone up and ready to run errands by 7:45??! Waiting until 10:00 is like freaking lunchtime, half the day is gone! (And now I sound like my grandma, who was always up at the crack of dawn.) But seriously, I feel like everything should be open by 8am *cough*COSTCO*cough*

4. I am brainstorming all of the amazing things I could do with this Belgian waffle bowl maker.

5. And how about these freezer pop molds? Homemade freezer pops all summer long!

6. How insanely adorable is this baby hippopotamus? I want to give it a great big hug.

7. My local Target was totally renovated recently, which has been fantastic, except that the little cafe that was there with popcorn, soft pretzels and soda fountain machines has been replaced with a… Starbucks. I mean, it seems a little bit like overkill since there’s an ACTUAL Starbucks approximately 100 yards away in the same shopping plaza. And I would much rather sip a Diet Coke than some sort of coffee drink. Obviously, I’m not a grown up yet.

8. In related news, I’ve finally come to the realization that I much prefer GOOD milk chocolate over dark chocolate. I think this makes me a very unsophisticated foodie, right? I’d also rather eat a really good burger than a really good steak, so… Maybe we’ll just call it a “low maintenance foodie”, that sounds better, ha!

9. A quick product love for you! I had been wanting to get some new layering tanks after finding that the ones I used to love from Target just didn’t fit the same way for me when I picked up new ones (body shifting from babies? changed manufacturing? not sure!). I’ve always found the Duluth Trading Co. commercials hysterical, and then one day I saw one for women (I didn’t even know they made women’s clothes!)… it was for their “no yank tank”, which is a layering tank designed to stay put and not ride up. I ordered one and LOVED it, and just ordered a ton of other colors. Highly recommend!

10. TGIF! Seriously, these two ????

Duke and Dominic playing together on the floor.