Dominic playing on the floor, trying to crawl!

1. Dominic turned 7 months old yesterday! He continues to grow like a weed and blow through Joseph’s hand-me-down clothes like nobody’s business. The boy is TALL! I feel like no sooner I get a new size out of the storage bin and hung in the closet, I’m putting half of them away because he’s already outgrown them! He’s still SO CLOSE to crawling and absolutely loves his big brother.

2. Joseph continues to be so fun and helpful… in fact, I think his very favorite thing is helping with something. A few days ago, we lost power for about 6 hours and Joseph tried to “fix” the TV with his toy drill, then moved on to his screwdriver. Much to his dismay, it didn’t work, ha!

Joseph trying to fix the TV with his toy drill.

3. So today is Cinco de Mayo! Do you have any fun foods planned? I’m thinking tacos for dinner, mmmm…

4. There is a Golden Girls CAFE with all sorts of memorabilia from the show… who knew?! I used to watch it almost every Saturday night at my grandma’s and have such fun, fun memories of those nights. My sister, cousins, and I routinely slept over on the weekends; she would make Boboli pizzas and we could stay up late and watch Star Search, then eat Pop-Tarts for breakfast… the best of days.

5. Love this story about bringing kittens to a senior facility, which gives the residents a sense of purpose. Makes my heart happy.

6. And this, THIS breaks my heart >> There is a cuddling program in place at a major hospital here in Pittsburgh because so many babies are being born addicted to heroin and go through withdrawal. Those poor babies, but God bless the volunteers… they have so many that there is a waiting list.

7. Could this baby goat be any more adorable?!

8. Can we talk about how FANTASTIC Blacklist has been? I was sort of not feeling it for the bulk of this season, but the last two or three episodes have been so crazy good. Finally seeing all of the backstory is great!

9. I’ve been watching the NHL playoffs and holding my breath every step of the way. The last couple of games were maddening and had my heart throbbing during the entire last period! Also, I’m going to sleep too late, but boy, playoff hockey is the best!

10. TGIF! A throwback to two years ago… my furry boys… I miss them being a twosome…

Duke & Einstein sitting at attention.