1. I have had so much fun with Joseph and Dominic recently… they are really starting to become more playmates, and it’s so much fun. Joseph wakes up from naps asking for his brother, and now that Dominic is on his way to a two-nap schedule, he’s awake more and I can take them to run errands together, which has been so much fun. They can make each other giggle and laugh like no one else!

2. A member of the BEB FB group shared this video of a mama Golden Retriever and her pups (she knows me so well!), and the mama reminds me so much of Einstein!

3. The boys are obviously a little young for this, but this Circle device/app from Disney that allows you to totally control every electronic device in your house with restrictions and time limits sounds AMAZING.

4. These super easy cream horns are totally calling my name.

5. Speaking of food, last Sunday my mother-in-law didn’t have a request for dinner for her birthday, so I tried a recipe for slow cooker chicken marsala that… was just awful. Ugh, no one liked it and I felt so bad because it was her birthday! My husband refers to these mishaps as “brown-eyed blunders” HA!

6. So, I keep seeing “fidget spinners” on social media… I have no idea what they are!

7. I am so emotionally invested in these hockey playoffs; I’m sure Sunday night will take a few more years off of my life.

8. We started House of Cards this week, but found it to be rather boring to start. Bleh, tell me it gets better!

9. On another TV note, I saw a Ron Swanson meme somewhere recently, and was reminded of how much I absolutely loved his character on Parks & Recreation… one of my top 5 favorite TV characters of all time!

10. TGIF! Have a fantastic weekend!