1. Joseph had another oral challenge at the allergist this week – pecans – and he passed! It’s always such a huge weight lifted when he gets through those three hours with absolutely no issues. So far we’ve scratched off baked eggs, cooked eggs, soy, almonds, walnuts, and pecans. HUGE hurdles! We have hazelnuts, pistachios and cashews left to finish off the tree nuts. These last three (along with almonds) had the highest levels in his blood work, so I’m cautiously optimistic since he is now eating almond products without an issue. On that note, I’ve received quite a few requests through Instagram for a series on the blog documenting Joseph’s allergy journey… is that something you would be interested in reading?

He also had his 2.5 year checkup (he had a busy week!) and continues to grow and develop wonderfully. He’s healthy, happy, and we continue to slay those allergies, fingers crossed our good luck in that area keeps up!

AND my husband took him out to hit tennis balls last week, but apparently he preferred to throw them in the air and run underneath them instead, ha!

2. Dominic has been busy, as well – he cut two more teeth this week! He’s crawling everywhere, standing with super steady legs, and walking behind push toys with tons of confidence. Also, he’s suddenly looking much more like a toddler and not much like a baby anymore. Such a big boy!

3. Two of my best blogging pals, Jessica and Maria, launched their new meal planning subscription service this week, Sweet Peas Meals. You get weekly meal plans with grocery lists and bonus baking and breakfast ideas, and I signed up immediately. I love being in the kitchen to bake, but I am horrendously bad at meal planning, so I’m looking forward to having ideas and inspiration delivered right to my inbox once a week.

4. On a similar note, I absolutely adore this recent post by Tracy >> Creating Healthy Eating Habits. I’m totally inspired to do salads for lunch next week!

5. This video of a Golden Retriever saving a baby deer from drowning made my week.

6. Have you seen this map of the United States showing which regions say “tennis shoes” and which say “sneakers” when referring to athletic shoes? What do you say?! It’s definitely tennis shoes here!

7. I had a chance to try samples of Muuna cottage cheese recently, and am absolutely in LOVE with it! There are a tons of fruit flavors, made with all-natural ingredients, and I’ve found that if I eat one plus a handful of almonds for breakfast, it keeps me totally satisfied until lunch. It’s in a few select stores in my area, and a ton of others around the country. If your store has it, give it a try!

8. Did you watch any of Wimbledon? Roger Federer is a favorite in our house, so it was awesome to watch him win another one! Now I’m on to watching the Open Championship. Our bucket list trip is traveling to London to watch Wimbledon and then heading to Scotland to see the Open at St. Andrews. One day!

9. We watched the BBC show Marcella over the last week – only the first season is on Netflix and there are just eight episodes. I’m not really sure that I liked it; it seemed a little… weird. We still haven’t watched the first episode of Game of Thrones yet – I think I need to read an entire review of the previous season to remember where everything left off!

10. TGIF! I hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend!