1. Funny story… sometimes in the morning my husband watches a sports talk show on ESPN, Mike & Mike. This week, it was on and Joseph and I were playing in the family room and he looked up… one of the hosts had his feet propped up on the coffee table they have on the set… Joseph scowled and said, “FEET DOWN!” It was hysterical! We’ve had to tell him countless times to get his feet off the table when we’re eating, and apparently it has sunken in, ha!

2. My husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary this week with a kid-free lunch date at a new-ish burger place, then shopping at Target (ha!). I got a chocolate milkshake to go after lunch and this thing was so enormous that I sipped it on the way home and through Target, then put it in the freezer. It took me two more nights to polish it off! Side note: I am now craving another chocolate milkshake.

3. I just recently started following The Small Things blog and I adore it. I’m totally motivated to start putting (a little) more effort into my hair!

4. Quick reminder! If you’re on Facebook, join us in the Brown Eyed Baker Friends Facebook group… This is separate from the official BEB Facebook page, and it’s become a fabulous little hub where readers asking for and receiving fantastic advice and recommendations, share photos of finished recipes, and provide tons of support to each other. I love seeing everyone interact there!

5. Apparently you can kayak through glacier rivers in Canada… it looks absolutely breathtaking, but you can only get there via helicopter and I’m absolutely, positively petrified of ever riding in a helicopter.

6. Looking for a weekend baking project? Homemade Krispy Kreme doughnuts!

7. Amanda rounded up photos of all the pantries she is lusting over, and they are AMAZING! >> Pantry Envy. Which one is your favorite? I love the one with the big window!

8. There are now Pumpkin Pie M&Ms… have we officially jumped the shark with pumpkin?

9. I am so elated that Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back in October! That show makes me belly laugh like only The Office has before; I find Larry David absolutely hysterical and can’t wait to watch new episodes!

10. TGIF! Next week will be four years since we brought Duke home… what a little furball he was!