1. These boys are finally back to their happy, crazy, non-sick selves! Dominic ended up with a double ear infection at the end of last week but after two doses of meds he was back to himself. He also figured out how to climb up onto the couch on his own this week, which he is ridiculously proud of, ha!

We just ordered a “big boy” race car bed for Joseph, and he CANNOT wait. He’s been obsessed with cars for a few months now, and he keeps asking where his race car bed is, lol. It hasn’t arrived yet, but we’re hoping that getting something he’s super excited about will help with the transition from crib to bed!

2. On top of the nasty cold that everyone else had, I managed to snag myself a sinus infection, which explains why I started to actually get WORSE at the beginning of this week instead of gradually getting better. Ugh. However, after only one day on medicine, I was feeling much, much better. I had my 32-week appointment and we put in dates for my c-section, just waiting to be finalized through scheduling at the hospital. BUT! We’re at T-minus 7 weeks, give or take a day or two. Holy heck has this pregnancy flown by!

3. As a result, my attention has already turned to Easter, spring, and early summer, as I start to do some planning ahead for when the baby arrives. It also didn’t hurt that it was 60 degrees here yesterday! Joseph got to play outside at school, and I was able to run errands with the boys without bundling them up in jackets and hats. Win!

4. How insanely gorgeous is this measuring spoon set?

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7. 27 Underrated U.S. Destinations Everyone Should Visit in Their Lifetime (pssst my beloved hometown made the list!)

8. Are you totally sucked in to the Olympics? We’ve been watching every night, love all of it! Favorite so far might be Shaun White’s gold medal run, so awesome!

9. Did you watch the season premiere of Homeland? It’s still on our DVR, we haven’t watched yet!

10. TGIF! I hope you have a spectacular weekend!