1. Dominic had his first music class yesterday and… he was not terribly fond of it, gah! As soon as we walked in, he started crying and ran to the door to leave. He did warm up a little bit as the class went on and we started playing with beach balls and bells; hopefully next week will be better!

2. Another first this week – Isabelle came to the grocery store with me! She enjoyed it for the first few minutes, and then was on the very verge of a total meltdown the rest of the time. I did my best supermarket sweep impersonation and got out as fast as I could. Sweet girl held it together (barely) until we got in the car and then screamed the whole way home. Apparently a trip to the grocery store is a bit too much wake time at this point!

3. Joseph’s blood work from last week came back… Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts are holding at negative, pistachios and cashews are maintaining in the 3’s (moderate) and peanut is down to a 7 from 35 when he was originally tested. That’s still very high, but encouraging that it has gone down so much. We’re just going to sit tight and do blood work again in another year. Not going to attempt oral challenges on pistachios or cashews at this point since he failed pistachios last year and the numbers haven’t changed.

4. These leggings are my new favorite thing on the entire planet (minus my husband and kids, of course!).

5. I give very little credence to to anything celebraties do, but I happened to see Chris Pratt’s speech at the MTV Movie Awards come up in my Facebook feed multiple times and finally watched it. A few quirky points, but super refreshing coming from Hollywood… (you can watch it here if you’re reading this post in email)

6. I am incredibly frustrated with my baby weight situation right now, but every time I get bummed out when picking out clothes, I try to remember that in the last four years, my body has made room for and grown three beautiful, healthy babies. On top of that, it underwent major surgery each time to deliver them into the world, and so I try to give myself some grace. I’m currently struggling with having approximately zero time to get myself healthy meals and a lot of times (especially for breakfast and lunch) am eating standing up or between getting the boys their food, Isabelle a bottle, etc. If you have any tips or suggestions, I’m all ears :)

7. Quick question! Where do you prefer to see the recipe videos when they are included in a post? I can’t believe I have over 60 now! They are currently towards the top of the post but I’m thinking they might be more helpful down below where the actual recipe is? You can see an example on my white bread recipe. Thanks for your input!

8. I had watched approximately one thousand videos about how to fold a fitted sheet, but I still wasn’t able to do it until my mom was here one day after I had Isabelle and was helping me fold laundry. I had a crib sheet and asked her to show me how to fold a fitted sheet and, voila! It all clicked. Now I get this crazy satisfaction from folding them all tight and neat and perfect, ahhhh a type A person’s dream come true ;-)

9. Have any of you seen the new Incredibles movie? I loved the first one and think Joseph might enjoy it!

10. TGIF! I hope you have some great buddies to share the weekend with!