1. Ahhh my little crew! I love this picture :) Joseph loves laying next to Isabelle and “helping” her with tummy time, and Dominic just loves to be in the mix any way he can. Now that Isabelle can stay awake a little while longer between naps the boys can spend more time with her, and we can all three go on little neighborhood walks together. Loving this life with my babies :)

2. I loved reading about the experiences of a childcare worker in Austria. Love the approach!

3. We’re still in July, but I’m already working on my fall and holiday recipes, so I’d love to know if there’s anything you’re hoping to see or would like to request. Leave them in the comments below!

4. A new Ina Garten book is coming out this fall! I can’t get enough of her, ever.

5. I saw a story on the news yesterday about what the “perfect day” would look like… what is yours?! Mine would totally include sleeping in (these days, that would mean like 7:30am), loads of snuggles and fun with the kids and my husband, ice cream cones, sleeping with the windows open and hearing a constant, gentle rain.

6. A local bakery has been advertising “Paczki in July”… and coincidentally, the here on the site has been going berserk, so maybe this is a thing?

7. How about the woman who found a mountain lion in her house taking a nap? Like goldilocks in reverse… I would die!

8. I haven’t talked much about sports because we haven’t been watching a whole lot (caught Wimbledon and some golf tournaments, though!), but the one new thing we started watching this year is Formula One racing. Joseph LOVES cars so my husband thought he might enjoy seeing the fancy race cars, and boy does he. He can name every single team just by looking at the car. I never thought I would get into auto racing of any sort, but we all enjoy watching together on Sunday mornings!

9. In case you missed it, there is a Pepperidge Farm recall for Goldfish crackers. Check your packages!

10. TGIF! These sweet pups are freshly groomed and looking fancy!