Water droplets

1. I’ve always wanted to take photos of water droplets with my macro lens and a few mornings ago I saw some picture-perfect droplets sitting on leaves. I grabbed my camera and got a few good pictures. I take so many pictures of food, that sometimes I have to remind myself to expand my photography horizons.

2. Last Friday, my mom and I went to get pedicures after she got home from work. I sat down and started playing around on my phone, checking email, etc. I realized after a few minutes that I have a terrible time unplugging, so I put my phone away, closed my eyes and just relaxed. It was a wonderfully relaxing hour, and a reminder that I need to put away the electronics more often!

3. I hope that all of you mom’s had a wonderful Mother’s Day last weekend! We took my mom out to lunch and then to play around at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. My sister walked away the big winner at the digital roulette games; I ended up donating my money to the blackjack machines. I’m an awful gambler, once I lose $20 I’m pretty much ready to quit.

4. I’m loving this beehive drink dispenser from World Market – perfect for summer!

5. Am I the only person that goes into a chocolate store to buy gifts for other people and walks out with an equal amount of chocolate for myself? No? Okay, good.


6. I saw the new Star Trek movie last night and absolutely loved it! If you’re thinking about seeing the new movie, I highly recommend it! Next on my list are Ironman 3 and The Great Gatsby. I also want to see The Interns and can’t wait for the new Anchorman. What new movies have you seen lately?

7. My Chief Culinary Consultant and I are closing on our house in FIVE days. Five! That’s less than a week! We’ve done an insane amount of furniture shopping this week and are excited to get settled in.

8. Speaking of moving, I’ve realized that when you start sorting through all of your belongings in an effort to purge and pack, it becomes pretty clear what’s most important to you. It appears my life can be grouped into three simple categories: Kitchen, Sports and Christmas. So there you have it.

9. The warm weather the last few days has me craving a s’more. On a related note, I’m also craving this s’mores bar.

10. TGIF! Let your hair down and enjoy the ride!

Einstein loving life