1. I am in constant awe of how all three of my children are built completely differently. Joseph was my meatball baby (although he has gotten so much taller and leaner over the last six months or so), Dominic continues to be my string bean, and Isabelle is pretty much right in the middle of the road both height and weight-wise. It’s so fun to watch them grow and change and be their own little people. Like most things on this parenting journey, I marvel at how similar and different they all are, and how they all have their own quirks and personalities :)

(Joseph had funky socks and wacky hair day at school this week, and Dominic wanted to play along, too :) Also, this is now what I get when I say, “say cheese!”)

2. While we’re on the subject of kids, did you hear that Janie and Jack is going out of business?? I don’t buy everyday clothes there, but it has been my go-to store for special occasions like Christmas sweaters and dresses, Easter outfits, and suits for the boys for last summer’s wedding and baptism. I’m so bummed!

3. I’ve determined that there are few things more relaxing than crawling into a bed with fresh sheets right after taking a hot shower. It’s like I melt right into bed and fall asleep in 0.2 seconds. Bliss.

4. I mentioned in my January favorites that my husband got me the Dyson hair dryer for Christmas and that I had been loving it. Well, this week I used the diffuser attachment for the first time and IT.IS.AMAZING. So much faster than any diffuser I’ve used in the past and my curls looked fantastic even though I didn’t style for curls from the get-go.

5. A dad put a mic on his 4-year-old during hockey practice and it is the sweetest, most adorable and innocent peek into the mind of a little kid. I could watch it over and over…

6. Ash Wednesday is next week, which means Tuesday is Fat Tuesday, which means you need to make Paczki!

7. Speaking of, are you giving anything up, or doing anything special during Lent? I’m still thinking.

8. The story behind this 120-year-old wedding dress is incredible. I can’t believe it’s still able to be worn!

9. We lost our power AGAIN on Sunday evening due to the wind storm and got it back mid-morning on Monday. Definitely not as bad as the two days from the ice storm in November, but SERIOUSLY!? At least this time, everything in the freezer stayed frozen, so we only lost meat and dairy from the refrigerator. Neither my husband nor I have ever lived somewhere that loses power this often, so we are now shopping around for a generator, ugh.

10. TGIF! I hope you have an amazingly happy weekend!