Hello friends :)

This is going to be a short Friday things, as my grandfather passed away this past Wednesday after a short illness, so the week has been emotional and broken up, and I don’t have a regular Friday things ready to go.

It is not lost on me how insanely lucky I have been to have still had two living grandparents at nearly 40 years old, but my grandpap seemed as though he would be around forever. He was 92 years old, never needed to walk with a cane (he and my grandma walked outside, at the gym, or in their basement every day!), and boy did he love his Oreos.

I remember calling my grandma to tell her I was pregnant with Joseph. She cried and said at some point in the past, my grandpap had told her he didn’t think he’d live long enough to see great-grandchildren (even though he didn’t have any chronic illnesses, I think he just thought so due to his age). Not only did he get to see Joseph, but he ended up meeting and holding FOUR great-grandchildren. I’m so glad that I was able to give him that gift.

Whenever we would leave my grandparents’ house, he would stand in the doorway (or outside, if the weather was nice) and wave us off; it’s my favorite vision of him and one I will miss dearly. It does make my heart content to know that he’s with my dad, who I know he has missed tremendously.

We will be honoring and remembering him with services today and tomorrow; the next time you eat an Oreo cookie, think of him :)