1. These boys love their cars and bikes! Summer is going to be fun; I can’t believe that Joseph is already done with school next week, it seems like he just started! And only one more year of preschool then off to kindergarten, gahhhhh.

2. Dominic is SUPER excited to start school in the fall. He’s gotten really into now that he does Joseph’s drop off and pick up with me nearly every time. I think he’s going to have a blast :)

3. This little lady got her own ride and she is hysterical in this little buggy. She LOVES to ride in it and sits in there, looks around, and waves as she rides along. She pretty much reminds me of the queen, lol.

4. I bought these Living Raw truffles at Whole Foods last weekend and OMG they are so much better than I anticipated. Super rich and totally squashes my sweets cravings!

5. I recently saw a link to Annie’s Caring Crochet Kit Club – it’s $25/month you receive a kit every 4 weeks with the yarn, materials and pattern for a new project, as well as the option to donate it to a specific charity. Some of them can be sent to cancer patients, babies and children, the elderly, etc. Each month you find out about the cause or charity and you can choose to donate the piece, or keep it. I LOVE this idea, and when I have more free time, I am totally going to do it!

6. Totally craving a homemade burger with classic burger sauce right now.

7. Do you use the Todoist app? I just downloaded and am excited to give it a whirl. Any tips for making the most of it?

8. Speaking of apps, does anyone use the Day One app? It looks to be a digital journal where you can capture notes, videos, audio recordings, and photos for each day. I LOVE this idea! I could never get into scrapbooking, but THIS I think I can do!

9. Are you watching Game of Thrones? This last season has totally captivated me and last week was OMG. Who has predictions for how this whole thing ends on Sunday?!

10. TGIF! I hope you have a snuggly weekend!