1. This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken of the boys, and it was totally candid. These two can bicker and fight like nobody’s business, but they’re each also always looking for the other one to play with, make up games with, or just have a partner in crime. I love watching them together.

2. And this little lady appears to be one with no fear, as she’s been trying her hardest to climb on anything and everything she can get her hands on. Apparently, paddleboard lessons will be in her future? She’s still not walking yet, but appears to be getting closer and closer every day!

3. Dominic is 2.5 and I love him at this age, he is such a fun, sweet kid :)

4. Has anyone given the Aquis hair system a try? I’m totally intrigued and thinking about it.

5. I’ve never used Chewy.com, but after reading this story I’m totally checking it out to see if there’s anything we get for the dogs that we can buy through them. I love when people and companies show genuine compassion.

6. Trending like crazy this week is my coconut cake with coconut meringue buttercream – a perfect summer dessert.

7. Fantastic, thoughtful read –> How to Be a Better Conversationalist by ‘Supporting’ Instead of Shifting’

8. How do you cut a round cake? Love this hack of using a cutting board to assist, but I would totally cut those pieces at least 2 to 3 times bigger ;-)

9. I shopped at Trader Joe’s for the first time yesterday! I got a handful of frozen and pantry items that everyone always talks about, but what I’d really love to know from anyone who shops there regularly, is how is their produce? How would you say it compares to Whole Foods or maybe even Costco? I always have good luck at those places with my produce, but my regular grocery store can be hit or miss.

10. TGIF! These two wish you a great weekend!