1. Poor little Isabelle came down with a bad case of croup this week. Ugh, I feel so awful for her. All of the kids have been over their colds and she seemingly came down with it out of nowhere on Wednesday morning. Joseph had it a couple of times when he was 2/3ish, but his seemed to just spike at night; she has an awful cough during the day, as well. Here’s hoping she’s back to her perky self soon!

2. Joseph is learning some words at school and I can’t even fathom how much he’s grown up. Seeing him play with his friends, run and laugh, just totally melts me. It’s so crazy that this was four years ago!

3. Dominic is SO excited that he graduated to the next level of swim class this week! He’s getting so big, and preschool dropoffs have been getting incrementally better! We’re not at the no crying point yet but each time is an improvement, and it just makes me realize how small he still is and what a big leap this is for him. My buddy :)

4. Okay, so last week I asked about pesky little pinholes in the front my shirts and oh my goodness, EVERYONE GETS THEM! What in the world? Many of you wanted me to give an update if I figured it out, so here are my thoughts… A couple of people seemed to nail it – yes, we have granite countertops and YES, when I looked, there is a seam right in the front of the sink, where I would lean to do dishes. I feel like this is the most likely culprit, but there is also a little snaggy notch on the underside of my seat belt that could also be to blame. So I’m going to make sure I pull my shirt out from under the seatbelt, and my husband said he can put some clear tape on that granite seam (or I could wear an apron). Fingers crossed we’ve solved the mystery! THANK YOU!

5. Last night, my husband went to see Jay Leno do standup and it was a wonderful date night! We weren’t sure what to expect and if he would be all that funny, but we really enjoyed it. You may remember that we saw Jerry Seinfeld back in February or March and I think we agreed that overall, Jerry Seinfeld’s show was overall funnier (my face actually HURT afterward because I laughed so hard for so long), but that Jay Leno had some really terrific stand-alone bits that hit home (mostly when he was talking about his family). A great night out!

6. Currently craving my salted caramel chocolate chip cookie bars.

7. I saw this earlier in the week on Instagram and I feel like it’s great for everyone to hear, no matter where you are in life :)

8. Really wanting to kick my daily Diet Coke habit, which I did during all of my pregnancies, but ugh, coffee. I did try Dunkin cold brew with just cream and it wasn’t BAD, but it’s not something I actually WANT to drink. I also am not a big tea person. How can I get a caffeine fix with also some carbonation? Is this possible??

9. We finished all of the available seasons of Line of Duty (OMG SO GOOD!!!), then moved on to ABC Murders. While we wait for The Crown to come back, along with Blacklist and Homeland, give me your current binge recommendations! We love British crime drama (Broadchurch, Happy Valley, The Fall, etc.) and things like Jack Ryan, Homeland, The Americans, Longmire, etc.

10. TGIF! I hope you enjoy a weekend full of happy moments.