1. A great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this sweet boy today! How in the world has three years flown by already?! He got to wear a birthday crown at school yesterday, we’re going to do some fun stuff this weekend and have a party for him on Sunday. Dominic is such a sweet boy, loves to make people laugh, and he is such an amazing big brother to Isabelle – he’s absolutely fabulous with her. I can’t wait to celebrate him and love on him even more than usual :)

2. Joseph starts hockey tomorrow! He’s so excited, and I’m excited for him; I hope he enjoys it!

3. Annnnnnd this little girl will be 18 months old on Sunday! She is getting to be such a blast to be around; she’s understanding and communicating so much. She plays funny games to make us laugh and loves to belly laugh. What a joy it is to have this little lady as part of our family.

4. Has anyone upgraded to an iPhone 11 yet? I’ll be eligible next month, but not sure if I’m going to do it yet.

5. We are long overdue for a good desk in our office and we’d ideally like something with enough space for both me and my husband to be able to work – not necessarily at once, but perhaps enough room for us both to store/keep our things without having to rotate stuff around for whoever needs to work. Any suggestions or recommendations?

6. Did you catch this month’s Bake-Along recipe? We’re making STICKY BUNS! I’d love for you to join us and tackle these delicious pastries during October. Who’s in!?

7. What is your ultimate fall/cool weather comfort food? Mine is definitely chili, with mac and cheese pulling in a close second.

8. What’s on your fall and winter bucket list?

9. We found a new-to-us series to watch on Hulu – Whitechapel. It’s an older British crime drama (surprise!) about copycat killers. We like it! Counting down until Peaky Blinders and The Crown come back!

10. There was ANOTHER 3rd birthday at our house yesterday – Happy Birthday, Judith!! So much to celebrate!