1. Dominic absolutely adores his big brother. On the days when Joseph is at school and Dominic is at home, he’s happy to play with me, but sort of wanders around like a little lost puppy dog. As soon as Joseph gets home, he lights up and is SO thrilled to run off and play with him. Even though they bicker constantly, they LOVE playing together.

2. We got our first snow of the year this week! The local news said we were going to get less than an inch, but we ended up with nearly four inches of snow. Three little people were absolutely THRILLED. Joseph is obsessed with getting enough snow to go sled riding; hopefully, he doesn’t need to wait too much longer!

3. Isabelle, meanwhile, is currently obsessed with her boots (if I put on her sneakers, she takes them off, throws them aside and says, “boots!” 🤦‍♀️), her sunglasses, and wearing Dominic’s swim goggles. She has also started helping with pancakes on Saturday mornings and whenever the boys help with any other kitchen project :)

4. It’s that time of year! What’s your favorite holiday movie? I can’t wait to start queuing them up :)

5. I love this seven day challenge – it’s so easy to get bogged down in the complaining cycle!

6. Have you made the pumpkin roll for this month’s bake-along yet? Saving it for Thanksgiving? I can’t wait to see them! Remember to share your photos in our Facebook group and on Instagram with the hashtag #bebbakealong!

7. This time-lapse style video of bestselling music artists from 1969-2019 is so mesmerizing (and interesting!).

8. I’ve talked many, many times about how I just do not enjoy coffee, but after a loooooooong night Wednesday night with the boys (hello, full moon!), I was desperate yesterday. After I dropped them off at preschool, I ran through the Starbucks drive-through and got a peppermint mocha and… I kind of loved it. Flavored coffee may convert me!

9. We binged Peaky Blinders over the last week since finishing Jack Ryan, and now we’re onto an older BBC show, MI-5. Pretty good!

10. TGIF! I hope you have wonderfully refreshing weekend!