1. Someone is turning FIVE on Sunday! Can you even believe it? He got to bring in treats and get sung to at school yesterday, which made his day. Life before he was born seems like an altogether different lifetime, it’s crazy. This boy LOVES cars (understatement of the century), always asks to do some sort of art or craft project, loves puzzles and games, and is a voracious learner. It has been so fun to watch him grow and learn and develop friendships; I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!

2. As it turns out, someone else had a (very unplanned, premature) milestone this week, too… Dominic “lost” his first tooth, eeeek! He started complaining of something hard in his mouth last weekend and by Sunday afternoon I spotted what looked like another tooth behind his front one. Confused, we called our dentist, who said sometimes pieces of enamel can come through, not totally uncommon, it would be fine. But it became increasingly bothersome for him and he started having trouble eating, so I took him to a pediatric specialist yesterday only to find out it was actually all part of his front tooth – it had sheared in half lengthwise 😱likely due to “trauma”, which… it’s not like my boys run around like maniacs and fall a thousand times a day, so… yeah, totally possible. But, it had to be pulled… my little guy was so brave and was feeling so much better once it was out. He’ll have a toothless grin for a good 4 or 5 years now 😍

3. Sweet Isabelle has been SO spunky lately! She chatters so much, is very busy with her dolls and toys, and very much knows (and tells us) what she wants all the time. What a fun little lady she is.

4. Some good bits in here >> 25 Tiny Habit Changes That Will Make You a Different Person In a Year From Now

5. A couple of months ago, I mentioned that I discovered the peppermint mocha from Starbucks and that it might actually turn me into a coffee drinker. I’ve been trying hard to quit my daily Diet Coke habit, and I think I may have found a non-seasonal replacement – white chocolate mocha. SO GOOD. Plus, I have this ground white chocolate that we use for the spiked white hot chocolate on Christmas Eve, so I think this would be easy to recreate at home!

6. I am absolutely enthralled with the royal family drama; give me alllllll the stories. I can’t wait for The Crown to catch up this story 😂

7. Good tips that I desperately need >> How to Read More Books If You’re a Busy Mom

8. Speaking of reading, do any of you use Audible? Or a similar app for listening to audio books? Thoughts? As someone who has always felt the need to feel a book in my hands, read the words and turn the pages, I am balking at the idea. BUT, it might be a good way to fill the time spent doing things like driving, folding laundry, etc.

9. Dear Pinterest, I hear you have developed a “smart” feed. Why, then, do I keep seeing mostly keto and low carb recipes?? Please recalibrate.

10. TGIF! We saw some snowflakes yesterday!