Hello friends! Quarantine Day #17 here for us, how about you? Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to this week…

1. The dogs have been thrilled to be getting tons of walks around the neighborhood, and the boys have been doing a lot of bike riding and, now that it’s getting nicer, playing on the playset.

2. I turned 40 on Wednesday! 😱 A milestone birthday in quarantine is definitely one I won’t forget ;-) The boys insisted we make a cake so we could put candles in something, so they helped me make an easy Texas sheet cake – a forever favorite!

3. Both boys have had some online class time this week and Joseph gets excited any time there are new worksheets to do. Dominic had show and tell yesterday for the letter “N” so my husband got him decked out in a necktie 😍

4. We made our usual Saturday morning pancakes.

5. Isabelle loves her pasta! She has also been obsessed with that Superman mask for the last week and has worn it nearly 24/7 😂

6. OH! Also! Dominic got glasses last week! They had a vision screening at preschool a few months ago and he was flagged for a follow up with an eye doctor. When I took him, he was diagnosed as farsighted with astigmatism; they had to order frames to try on since he’s pretty small, and we finely got the finished glasses mailed to us last week. He’s done SO well wearing them; I’m so proud of that little guy!

7. We built a fort in the basement. (Joseph got a fort building kit for his birthday and we busted it out.)

8. School crafts to pass some time.

9. I’d love for you to share the meals you’ve been making while at home in the comments below. I think most of us have meats stocked in the freezer and random other things; I thought it might be helpful for everyone to get some ideas of new/different things they could make!

This last week I’ve used meat sauce from the freezer for pasta, made a batch of oven BBQ chicken with rice and broccoli (and repurposed into wraps and quesadillas for the kids), and I’m thawing ground beef to do burgers on the grill today.

10. TGIF! I hope you continue to be healthy and safe, xo