1. Isabelle turned 2 on Monday! No birthday party, but she had a fun day of playing outside, eating cupcakes, and enjoying a couple of new toys :) She is talking up a storm in big phrases/little sentences, is incredibly spirited, LOVES her dolls so much, loves rolling around and playing with her brothers, but can also be found in the playroom all on her own, doing her own thing. She loves meat, cheese, pasta, and fruit… and Mickey and Minnie :) I can’t believe this little peanut is already two, time is flying… “the days are long, but the years are short” ❤️️

2. The boys got fresh haircuts last week! (No, we didn’t go out – my husband cut them with clippers, which is how they always get haircuts ;-))

3. The boys (and Isabelle!) are still enjoying online classes twice a week plus worksheets and activities that we can print out and work on at home.

4. Dominic amazingly took it upon himself to start learning how to write his name!

5. It was announced yesterday that all of the schools in Pennsylvania will remain closed for the rest of the school year, which I figured was going to happen, but it still made my heart hurt for Joseph. He starts kindergarten in the fall and has made so many wonderful friends over the last three years; he won’t get a chance to finish the year with them and say goodbye 😢 Maybe if things ease up over the summer, they can still have their picnic!

6. I’ve mentioned before that we make pancakes every Saturday morning, but this week we declared Wednesday “Waffle Wednesday” and I busted out my waffle maker for the first time in ages. I made my favorite buttermilk waffle recipe and was immediately reminded that I love waffles SO much more than pancakes. Anyone else?!

7. How is your quarantine grocery situation? I haven’t wanted to go into the store so we’ve been relying on deliveries for the last month. However, it’s gotten increasingly harder to secure delivery slots; every time I try to go on and get one I feel like it’s 10 years ago and I’m logging on to Ticketmaster to try to score hot concert tickets 😂 I have a Costco order coming via Instacart this afternoon, but I got that slot LAST WEEK after trying for 4 or 5 days. Whole Foods has been just as difficult, and it’s been a little difficult explaining to a 5-year-old and 3-year-old why when the yogurt, fresh berries and bananas are gone, we don’t immediately have it replenished. Although, Joseph sort of understands; he told Dominic the other day, “we have to order it, and if they don’t have spots, we have to wait!”

8. And on that note, what are your plans for Easter dinner? Are you doing something completely different given the circumstances or sticking with traditional food? My husband’s favorite part of Easter dinner is lamb, so I got a lamb roast from Costco in an order a few weeks ago, so I’m planning to make that (using this recipe, which we love), scalloped potatoes, and some glazed baby carrots since I have a bag in the fridge. Still trying to figure out dessert. Maybe a banana cream pie?

9. Have you started any new hobbies or picked up old ones while in quarantine? Aside from working on my puzzle and getting back to work on the blanket I was crocheting, I’ve been trying to read before bed. I’ve had >Atomic Habits on my shelf for awhile, so I started with that one!

10. TGIF! Puppy snuggles for daysssss 😍