1. Joseph is currently obsessed with color-by-numbers and will do them all day, every day. Dominic has gotten into them, too, and I am so amazed at how well he can do them without any help from me or my husband. He can’t read yet, so he asks Joseph for each number’s corresponding color, and then does them near perfectly.

2. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that Dominic loves the moon and outer space; well, my sister got the boys gift box subscriptions to KiwiCo for Christmas, and one of the projects was putting together a working model of how the Earth and moon rotate around the sun. It was so much fun to do and he LOVES it!

3. We seem to have run into the “hit the floor in a crying heap in 0.2 seconds” phase of toddlerhood with Isabelle, but all of her sweet snuggles more than make up for it ❤️️

4. Has anyone tried the whipped coffee I’ve seen all over Instagram the last few weeks? Most of the people I’ve seen try it haven’t liked it, but I’m curious!

5. How is quarantine treating you? How are you feeling? To be completely honest, I’m a huge introvert and homebody, and this really hasn’t bothered me at all. Aside from not always being able to get the ingredients I’d like, I’m happy to be hanging out at home.

6. Ironically, less than 2 weeks before we found ourselves in quarantine, I had a bit of a meltdown one night in the shower, thinking about Joseph heading to school full-time in the fall for all-day kindergarten. It felt like the last five years had slipped through my fingers and I wondered if I had spent enough time just sitting and playing with him, spending good time together, and well… now here we are, given the gift of all the time in the world for the foreseeable future (at this point, I don’t even know if school will start on time in the fall!). Yes, many days are looooooong with three kids five and under and we haven’t been without our whining and occasional meltdowns, but I’m really loving just BEING with them, not rushing back and forth to school dropoffs, appointments, errands, etc and trying to fit everything into the margins. It’s such a breath of fresh air.

7. A wonderfully informative article on the yeast shortage >> The Reason There’s Still a Dry Yeast Shortage

8. And on that note, how has food and ingredient foraging been going for you? Things seem to have mostly normalized here (I even got the toilet paper in my Instacart order from Costco yesterday!), with the exception of flour. I usually order my all-purpose flour from King Arthur (two 10 lb bags at a time) and I placed my order three weeks ago and it still hasn’t shipped yet. The bread flour and Dutch cocoa powder are on its way, though! :)

9. On a TV note, we finished Vikings and are now onto the latest season of Bosch, which I’m loving. The show forever reminds me of Isabelle being a newborn since we began binging it right after we brought her home from the hospital. We also watched the first two episodes of the Michael Jordan documentary, which I was surprisingly into, given that I’ve never watched basketball, ever. Looking forward to the rest of the series!

10. TGIF! Duke wishes you a wonderful weekend!