1. Joseph can’t get enough of school stuff, he asks for worksheets that get sent via email from the teachers and wants to learn all the things. A few weeks ago in his Zoom class they learned about patterns, so now he begs my husband to give him patterns to line up his cars ❤️️

2. I let Isabelle’s hair air dry on Sunday since it was warm and I am totally obsessed with her natural beach waves!

3. The boys have been taking the dogs on “walks” around the house throughout the day and I think they’re all totally bonding over it :)

4. Oh my gosh, this black lab that is changing color just melts my heart. I want to give him the biggest hug!

5. Do you use parchment paper or silicone baking mats? I’ve used both and found this article interesting – I’d love to hear your experience, share in the comments below! >> How Silicone Baking Mats are Ruining Your Cookies

6. The June Bake-Along recipe went up this week! We’re making chocolate lava cakes 😋 I tried hard to pick something that didn’t involve products that are hard to come by right now and these don’t even require flour. Super simple, super quick, and the perfect little dessert for satisfying a chocolate craving. Who’s baking with me this month? And what will you top those babies with?!

7. Does anyone use something similar to these produce storage containers? I’ve seen a few people mention them recently and am wondering if they’re worth it? I just keep berries in their original containers and have found that raspberries and strawberries can turn quickly.

8. Exciting news! Yesterday, I announced a new five-day email series all about bread baking… check out the details here.

9. What are you watching on TV nowadays? We’re hopping between a few different things – watching The Last Dance on Sunday and Monday nights, started watching The Innocence Files on Netflix, slowly catching up on The Blacklist, and just started back up with Season 6 of Vikings that was just released on Amazon Prime.

10. TGIF! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!