1. The kids busted out their Halloween costumes last week and had so much fun running around as superheroes :)

2. Isabelle got her car seat flipped around and oh my goodness, she looks so big sitting there!!

3. Joseph seems to be getting so much older! Just watching him think through things, how he talks… seems so much more like a big boy now than a preschooler ❤️️

4. But ugh, is the seasonal allergies are so awful right now. His poor little eyes have been so swollen and itchy. Poor guy 😓

5. Exciting news! Our refrigerator is being delivered this afternoon! After spending nearly a month without a working refrigerator in our kitchen (SO grateful for having an extra in the garage), I can’t tell you how excited I am to get this bad boy here.

6. Also, on the list of potential house projects is adding some cabinetry for extra pantry space in our laundry room. Any tips or suggestions??

7. This past week was the first time this year the temperature has crept into the upper-80s aaaaaaand so now I’m basically ready for fall. Gah, I just can’t tolerate heat and/or humidity, it makes me so miserable! Luckily the highs are going to be in the 60s again for the next handful of days because this is basically me:

8. It might be the middle of summer, but these Danish butter cookies have been incredibly popular. Have you tried them yet?

9. Are you watching anything new? We started the Lance Armstrong 30 for 30 on Sunday night (love, love, love ESPN documentaries – I think they’re so well-done!) and going through some Dateline-esque shows.

10. TGIF! Morning bird-watching :)