1. I am so saddened by everything happening in the world right now, as I’m sure many of you are, as well. I am praying for everyone’s safety, for peaceful hearts, and that you can find a little sliver of sunshine here on Brown Eyed Baker ❤️️

2. The boys were so insanely excited about the rocket launch last Saturday. They were incredibly disappointed that it was called off on Thursday and couldn’t wait to watch. I actually had butterflies in my stomach while watching it take off, and holding my breath a little, too. I’m so glad everything went smoothly!

3. This little girl is so spirited; she definitely gives her brothers a run for their money! I just adore this picture of her 💖

4. What’s your quarantine status where you live? Are you still sticking to home or are you moving about a little more now? We’re still being extra cautious but have spent the last few Saturdays at my in-laws, where they have a huge driveway perfect for Big Wheels and a vast yard with big shady trees. My mom and sister have gone over too, and my grandma joined us last week; the weather has cooperated and we can at least see each other and visit while spreading out outside.

5. And on that note, if you need a mask for yourself or a kiddo, please check out my friend Jen’s Etsy shop. You may remember me talking about our dear friends from DC who have come for all of the kids’ baptisms and whose daughter was Joseph’s first little lady friend 😍 She made masks for hospitals and healthcare workers and graciously sent us a package for ourselves and the kids, and is now selling them on Etsy. Joseph rocked his at his first allergy appointment back this week, and she even has a super cute baking themed mask :)

(Isabelle’s sunglass-ed photobomb in this picture is everything 😂)

6. I asked awhile ago for cutting board recommendations and wanted to update you – I ended up buying two Epicurean boards and so far I am loving them. They’re really gentle on my knives, are easy to clean, and I love how slim they are for storage. So far, so good! 👍

7. Summer flavors are in full swing and if you’ve never made my super easy refrigerator bread and butter pickles, NOW IS THE TIME 🥒😎

8. I love this guide to organizing your fridge. I always keep condiments on the door, but I keep the meat in the bottom drawer to keep it contained, not on a shelf, and I keep my milk on the top shelf. I also keep my berries on the shelves. Do you have a system for organizing your fridge?

9. We tried watching Downton Abbey awhile back and couldn’t get into, but we started giving it another try last night.

10. These furry pals are wishing you a wonderful weekend ❤️️