1. I am so thrilled at how excited Dominic has become about school. He’s even asking to do some of Joseph’s worksheets ❤️️

2. Isabelle is currently all about picking out her own clothes (and she LOVES her jeans) and wanting to add bows and headbands. She has no fear of mixed patterns ;-)

3. As a follow-up to Joseph’s big allergy milestone last week, he enjoyed a peanut butter cup for the first time and was in total heaven! That look 😍

4. I loved browsing this list of Kitchn Essentials, Grocery Edition. I use many of these things and enjoyed browsing new things to try!

5. Totally craving a massive chopped salad now.

6. The weather feels juuuuuuuust right for a huge pot of chili! Have you made some yet this season?

7. I’m working on updating the website and making it even better and easier to use! I’d love to hear your feedback on things you’d like to see in a new site.

8. Ina Garten’s waffle maker hashbrowns look insanely good!! Can’t wait to get my hands on her new cookbook next week!

9. Over the last week, we watched all of Young Wallander and really, really enjoyed it – we thought it was a great show! Of course, we loved the original Wallander, too.

10. TGIF! These two are both celebrating 4th birthdays this weekend! 🥳️