1. Math assessments while waiting at the allergy office 🤓 This boy is obsessed with numbers, counting, adding, etc.

2. My little best buddies, they are hardly ever an arms-length away from each other 😍

3. Great food for thought >> How to Stop Living Life on Autopilot

4. Who owns a GreenPan? I have a large non-stick skillet, but it’s sometimes too large for certain tasks and I’ve been thinking about adding a smaller one to my arsenal. I’ve heard great things about the GreenPan, and wanted to pick your brains!

5. We ordered sushi for the first time with the kids this week! Joseph said he really liked it (although left the nori on his plate), but Dominic and Isabelle were a hard pass. It’s exciting that Joseph progressing with his allergy tolerance means we can start trying more new things with them!

6. Have you made buffalo chicken dip recently? I feel like it’s quintessential fall food!

7. I made an impulse purchase in my last Costco order (sidenote: is it still considered an “impulse” if you have to add something to Instacart?) and snatched up a bag of Ghiradelli peppermint bark squares. Loving a little taste of Christmas!

8. Love this idea of an after-school snack cheese board! I bet it would be a big hit with my kids.

9. We’ve been watching The Son on Hulu; it was originally on AMC and stars Pierce Brosnan… follows the story of a Texas rancher family over the span of 150 years. Some of the scenes are a little violent and I have to not look, but it is an excellent story!

10. TGIF! I hope you have a great weekend!