1. St. Nicholas visited our house on Saturday night! The kids were so excited to put their shoes out and then run downstairs and check them on Sunday morning 😍

2. One thing I am going to really miss about having a toddler is waking up the sound of a 2-year-old happily singing in their crib. Joseph did it all the time, Dominic did it a little bit, and now Isabelle does it nearly every single morning. Through the monitor, we hear Jingle Bells, the ABC’s, the theme song to Bubble Guppies, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and whatever else she has picked up recently… all sung in that sweet little toddler voice that just makes my heart totally melt.

3. Multiple times this week we’ve loaded up the kids in the car after dinner and driven around to nearby neighborhoods to look at the lights while listening to Christmas carols. The kids get so excited to see the different colors and displays, and we find it so relaxing and fun – definitely a new favorite tradition!

4. I saw this video pop up on Facebook and I loved it ❤️️ >> Take Care Christmas Message

5. Absolutely loved this story about a teenager who has created hundreds of blankets during the pandemic for those in need.

6. My Baked brownie recipe has been trending over the last day or so; I LOVE that recipe!!

7. My husband first introduced me to Star Trek via the first new movie that came out while we were dating, over 10 years ago now. I thought it was a great movie (and have enjoyed the followups), and we’ve watched some of the old series and the new ones here and there. I’m not hugely into it (however, I think the old series are much better than the new ones!) but realized I must have definitely absorbed some of it because I was doing a crossword a couple of weeks ago and the clue was “Hidden, like a Klingon starship” and I knew immediately that it was “cloaked” 😜

8. Another fantastic Ina Garten article, because I can’t ever get enough, I love her >> Ina, Interrupted

9. What are you watching right now? We’re currently doing the original Star Trek: The Next Generation 🤓

10. TGIF! I hope you have a cozy weekend!