1. My kids LOVE fruit and one of their new obsessions is wearing raspberries on their fingers 😍

2. Dominic living his best life watching his brother during math class 🤩

3. I can’t believe those missing teeth!! I love it ❤️️

4. I need to implement something like this so badly, I totally have shiny penny syndrome when I’m doing tasks >> The Stateless Protocol

5. It’s not even Valentine’s Day yet, but my homemade peanut butter eggs have been insanely popular this week! Have you ever made them?

6. I am super inspired to prep some freezer snacks for the kids after reading through all of these make-ahead, freezer-friendly snack options.

7. A number of people have asked about seeing a list of my favorite Costco finds; would anyone be interested in a post about this?

8. And on that note, I’ve gotten away from the monthly favorites posts, but a lot of you have asked about them. Do you want to see these resurrected? Monthly/quarterly? Or include items in Friday Things? Let me know your thoughts!

9. I have LOVED seeing all of your beautiful buttermilk scones this month for the bake-along! SO MANY of you have been sharing them in our FB group and on Instagram; thank you for baking along and sharing your creations with me! If you haven’t made them yet, you still have the weekend! A new bake-along recipe will be coming next week!

10. TGIF! Duke wishes you a wonderful weekend! 🐾