1. We got snow on Sunday and Monday this week and the kids had such a blast playing outside in it! They also loved the hot chocolate once we got back inside :)

2. Now that it’s totally possible for school to be done virtually, most schools do an online learning day instead of just canceling for the snow, which makes me so sad! I hope they start to reverse course next year and give kids the thrill of waking up to a snowfall and finding out that they can just play all day long. I remember being SO EXCITED as a kid, waiting by the radio to see if our school would be called for a cancellation. Then, playing in the snow if it wasn’t too cold, puzzles, movies, etc.

3. This sweet girl really loves her dolls and stuffed animals ❤️️ Her favorite thing lately is lining them up on the steps; sometimes she says they’re at school, sometimes she takes them for a ride, sometimes she is the doctor and gives them all checkups (she’s very into Doc McStuffins right now!). I just adore watching her pretend play.

4. I’ve been seeing so many air fryer recipes pop up lately; do you have one and love it? Our toaster oven has an air fryer setting but I’ve only used it a couple of times for things like frozen chicken strips and French fries. Am I missing out? What do you make in yours and love?

5. I saw this meme about The Wonder Years earlier this week and my gosh, I can’t believe it was on THIRTY years ago. I loved that show so much. And also, the bit about having a show today about things 20 years ago being set in the year 2001 kind of blew my mind. And made me feel pretty old, ha!

6. On that note, my husband bought this Ten Magic Butterflies book for Isabelle for Christmas, and I was ecstatic when I saw it was written by Danica McKellar. She played Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years and then went on to get a degree in mathematics and has since written math-based books for kids and teenagers. I love it!

7. What’s your favorite food to eat during the Super Bowl? Do you go full-on buffalo chicken dip or something else? We’re usually a queso house :)

8. And on that note, who are you rooting for on Sunday? Are you even watching? I really have no rooting interest, but I guess I’ll pull for Tampa?

9. I got the materials for my next crochet project! Ideally, this one won’t take me six years to finish 😂 I am doing the gray-tone version of this blanket: Crochet Afghan Block-of-the-Month Club.

10. TGIF! The pups had a real snuggle fest during the kids’ bedtime last night, ha!