1. These three make my heart so very happy ❤️️

2. If you use a Mac computer, do you use Safari or Chrome for your browser? I used Safari for the longest time, then switched to Chrome, and am now thinking of going back to Safari. Let me know which one you use and why!

3. I can’t believe this coming week begins Lent already! I’m ready to go all-in on the local fish fry every Friday, but before that… do you have anything planned for Fat Tuesday? My paczki are always a big hit!

4. This post on how moms don’t stop moving made me wish even harder that they would stay little for just a little bit longer!

5. Are you making anything special for Valentine’s Day on Sunday? I’m still mulling it over!

6. If you haven’t made this month’s Bake-Along recipe yet (Red Velvet Cheesecake!), this weekend would be a perfect opportunity!

7. Love this >> Three Practices to Celebrate Your Day

8. Did you watch the Super Bowl? We are truly living in strange times when this Pittsburgher rooted for Tom Brady 😂

9. What are you watching right now? We are only a few episodes from finishing Star Trek: The Next Generation and will be ready to move on to something else!

10. TGIF! Judith always keeping an eye on the neighborhood 😍