1. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday weekend. Our little bunnies enjoyed finding their baskets and seeing what was inside!

2. This little peanut turned THREE this week! Like so many things, it simultaneously feels like she’s been here forever and that she was just born yesterday.

3. The boys have been doing a ton of playing in the basement lately; on Monday morning I went down there and found this… 🤣

I couldn’t stop laughing! They told me those were their hockey helmets, and they eventually dug into the winter gear for thick mittens to wear as their hockey gloves.

4. Some fantastic suggestions (I love when my kids want to be in the kitchen with me!) >> Tips for Kids in the Kitchen

5. I saw someone post on IG that if you put a damp paper towel next to the cutting board as you slice onions, it won’t make your eyes water. I haven’t had to cut an onion since I read it, so I haven’t tested it yet. Has anyone tried this??! I’m so curious if it works!

6. This week’s little heatwave has me ready a slice of no-bake banana split dessert.

7. Really liked this article on ways to remain calm; my favorite section was #4 – adding “just like me sometimes” to the end of a sentence.

8. It’s Masters weekend! One of my absolutely favorite sporting events to watch; does anyone else stay glued to the TV?

9. We finished up watching Unforgotten (loved it!) and are now catching up on some episodes of Harrow.

10. TGIF! Judith is so very cozy 😜