1. These two sat together like this for ages the other morning, and I’m still not quite sure who enjoyed it more 😍

2. The kids are still loving their little grocery store :)

3. Goofy couch snuggles are the best ;-)

4. I’ve seen multiple articles in the last week about morning routines and evening routines. Do you have one? Aside from stuff like brush my teeth, wash my face, and get dressed, it doesn’t go much further! I have been trying to read every night before bed, even if it’s only for 10 minutes.

5. New grocery items in April – have you tried any of these yet?

6. Have you made Danish pastries? This recipe has been very popular recently!

7. Do you have any recipe requests for this summer? What are you looking forward to making or what new things do you want to try?

8. We are all-out obsessed with Yellowstone! We just started season 3 last night and part of me is sad we’re on the last season, but excited that season 4 will be out in a couple of months.

9. AND my husband discovered that you can actually stay on that ranch when they’re not filming! Makes me want to rent an RV and road trip out there ;-) My uncle and cousins have long done annual fishing trips to Montana, and now I can see why they love it so much. It’s gorgeous! 

10. TGIF! Duke says hi!