1. I mentioned last week that we got a new addition to the family; without further ado, allow me to introduce… Duke! He’s also a Golden Retriever and is two months old today. We’re loving our new little guy; he has a cute personality and is definitely keeping us on our toes (as well as sleep-deprived). He and Einstein are slowly getting acquainted; they’re beginning to play quite a bit, they’re stealing each other’s toys, and poor Einstein is getting his ears and tail assaulted on a daily basis. He’s been a good sport and seems to be protective over Duke. I think they’re going to be inseparable BFFs!

2. Speaking of being sleep-deprived, getting a puppy is not a good time to try to give up Diet Coke. As a result, I made a big pitcher of iced coffee to get me through some puffy-eyed days. I’ve been doctoring it up with Torani chocolate syrup and half-and-half. I think my next step is going to be making a homemade mocha frappuccino. Does anyone have a good recipe? I love the Starbucks version.

3. If you’re bummed that summer produce is coming to an end, check out this awesome DIY tutorial on how to make your own dried fruit. Love, love, love this! I definitely want to try it!

4. I have struggled with getting into a good cleaning routine since we moved back at the end of May. Does anyone have any recommendations for putting together a schedule? I found this daily cleaning schedule on Pinterest that I might give a shot. If nothing else, with two Golden Retrievers, I know we’re going to vacuuming pretty much everyday!

5. I swear that one of these months I’m actually going to complete a photo challenge. Here is the September one from Fat Mum Slim, I’m going to give it a shot:


6. I had my fantasy football draft this past week, which is always fun. Are any of you playing this year? How does your team look? I think I had a pretty good draft with a balanced team; Yahoo gave my draft a “B”… good enough for me! :)

7. More importantly, my Chief Culinary Consultant and I started our ticket purchasing for Penguins games this season… bring on the chilly air rising up from the ice, the sound of skate blades cutting through ice and the blaring goal horn. I am more than ready for hockey to begin! Only a little over a month away now!

8. I’m still unsure if I’ll be able to play hockey this fall, which is a bummer. Remember when I sliced my finger in the kitchen a couple of months ago? I still don’t have much mobility in that finger (meaning I can’t form a fist or fully grip anything with that hand, including things like a hockey stick) and it’s starting to be a little painful, so I’m off to see a hand specialist next week. Fingers crossed (no pun intended) that some physical therapy is all I need to get things right!

9. As a Full House fan from the time I was seven, I love this post from The Kitchn – 8 Important Things We Learned About Food From Michelle Tanner.

10. TGIF! Here’s to new friends!

Duke & Einstein