1. Isabelle is tall for her age and definitely outgrew the tricycles we have (her knees were hitting the handlebars), so this week she graduated to a big girl bike with training wheels and she has been SO EXCITED to practice riding it every single day. I love her determination no matter what she’s doing.

2. Enjoying our sunny days with riding bikes and mid-morning popsicles in the driveway!

3. This is our life:

4. Do you have a favorite non-stick skillet? Mine has become not so non-stick, womp womp. Would love your recommendations!

5. For anyone else who makes ridiculously long to-do lists, I am loving this to-do list trick.

6. We celebrated Duke’s 8th birthday this week! The kids were so excited to wish him happy birthday, make him a cake, and shower him with extra snuggles all day :)

7. I have always felt such a pull towards cozy, comforting recipes that remind me of home >> A New Dawn for Grandma Cooking

8. And on a related note, I love this idea of coming home dinners. Did you have one? Do your kids have one? My grandma’s breaded chicken is probably at the top of my list!

9. Are you cooking or baking anything fun for the 4th of July this weekend? My food plans are still up in the air!

10. TGIF! Lots of hugs for the birthday boy! :)