1. We took the kids out to Ohio for a day trip last Saturday to see Indy cars in real, live action! We went to the Mid-Ohio track for practice and qualifying and they had SO. MUCH. FUN. When we stopped for dinner on the way home, Joseph said, “this was the best day of my whole entire life”. Almost made me tear up! ❤️️

2. We got paddock passes so that we could walk through the garage areas and the kids were in heaven… they could see the cars up close, listen as the engines were being worked on, etc. AND they saw one of the drivers!

3. Then we had a super low key 4th of July – the kids rode bikes, played with the neighbors a bit, then they got to stay up late and we drove to catch some fireworks from an empty parking lot. A fantastic weekend all around.

4. It was also my semiannual reminder that no matter how late my kids go to bed, they will not sleep in. Ever. Which is why it has always just made sense for us to have an early bedtime for them. Long day on Saturday and no one fell asleep in the car… up at their normal time on Sunday. Then lots of time playing in the sun and up until 10:30 so they could see fireworks… all three up and at ’em by 7:10am on Monday. However, they were riding the struggle bus by around lunchtime 😜

5. Love this list of 10 Micro-Habits

6. If you haven’t made blueberry crumb bars yet this summer, add them to your list!

7. Do you have a favorite purse/shoulder bag? I’ve been carrying a super large crossbody bag for yearssssss since Joseph was a baby since I was always carrying or lifting a baby and wanted to have two hands, plus I always needed all the things with three babies/toddlers. Now that the kids are older I’d like to get a small crossbody for when I need it but a nicer shoulder bag for everyday use. Give me your recommendations!

8. I love this so, so much:

9. Since we last chatted about TV, we finished Scott & Bailey (really liked it, highly recommend!) and binged the latest/last season of Bosch (excited for the setup for a spinoff!). Now we’re watching Goliath (Amazon Prime) and we both really, really like it.

10. TGIF! Judith being the queen, as usual ;-)