1. I love how much free, unscheduled time we’ve had over the last week. The kids have played outside nearly nonstop and it makes me so happy!

2. In case you haven’t hopped over to the website recently, take a peek because it got a brand new look this week! If you see anything out of place or links that don’t work properly, please be sure to let me know!

3. These two living their best Costco life 😂

4. I am working on building out an Amazon hub page with all of my recommended products. What types of things would you like to see??

5. Loved reading some of these! Is there anything you’ve vowed to never spend money on again?

6. Do you follow any blogs or Instagram accounts that are great for school lunch/snack ideas? Joseph will be bringing a lunch most days and all three kids will need to bring something for a morning snack… don’t want to get stuck doing the same thing all the time!

7. On that note, I do not recall ever having a snack at school, ever. And I saw a meme last week about refilling a kid’s water bottle for the 3rd time that day while remembering not ever drinking water during childhood. This is so true!!! Now kids bring refillable water bottles to school and I think when I was in school the only water I drank all day was a few sips from a water fountain a couple of times a day 😂 BUT! I am definitely team hydrate now 😅

8. Preseason football starts tonight and I love that it means we’re inching closer to hoodies, blankets, fireplaces, and hot chocolate kind of days ;-)

9. Any TV recommendations? We watched Deadwater Fell this week (Amazon Prime), which was good but also disturbing, and have been catching a lot of the Olympics on demand. Prior to that we watched Prime Suspect: Tennison, which I believe is a prequel to Prime Suspect, and was VERY good!

10. TGIF! This sweet pup had a perfect 8-year checkup this week! ❤️