1. I hope these three always love each other this much ❤️

2. Isabelle is extremely excited to wear her new backpack to school, she’s been wearing it around the house since it arrived a few days ago :)

3. These Vietnamese meat pies sound delicious, can’t wait to try them!

4. Yesterday morning, I caught a glimpse of Isabelle’s feet where there is a very distinct tan line where her socks sit. At the end of each summer, I love seeing my kid’s farmer’s tans as evidence of a summer well-lived out in the sunshine ☀️❤️

5. “Ranch isn’t a dressing. It’s a lifestyle.” Agree or disagree? I laughed so hard because my husband can’t stand ranch, but I love it!

6. Heat waves call for ice cream sandwich cake!

7. I always love reading about and am inspired by other people’s good habits. Do you have one you’re especially proud of?

8. If you’re shopping for a stand or hand mixer, I weighed in on some options in a couple of articles on NBC News: “5 Best Stand Mixers for All Your Baking Needs in 2021” and “8 Best Hand Mixers for Your Kitchen in 2021“.

9. Currently craving a movie marathon and a big bowl of popcorn!

10. TGIF! Love snuggles with this little lady 🐾