1. There’s nothing better than these smiling faces ❤️

2. After we dropped off Joseph and Isabelle at school earlier this week, I asked Dominic what he wanted to do. After he thought about it, he said, “Sweep!” I handed him the Swiffer and let him go to town; he couldn’t have been happier lol!

3. This sweet babe asked for pigtails for school yesterday (and she LOVES wearing dresses!) 💖

4. Such wonderful, useful, actionable tips >> When Things Feel Scattered

5. Does anyone use these Hydroflask bottles for their kids? Mine use the kids’ Yeti ones right now, but I like that this has a bigger capacity for Joseph at school all day (plus it looks like maybe it’s slimmer?).

6. Really want to start making the time when we first get produce to do this >> The Best Way to Wash and Store Fruit to Make It Last Longer

7. What are your favorite cookbooks for easy, weeknight meals? I love reading and browsing blogs (obviously!) but I love paging through new-to-me cookbooks so much, too!

8. Football season is here and while I don’t watch every down in earnest as I did years ago, there’s something that just feels so cozy and so much like fall when it’s on the TV in the background. My favorite season!

9. I am super excited to start testing new recipes and would love to hear any requests you have!

10. TGIF! Biggest snuggler ever…