1. First dance class was this week and she loved it!

2. We made fresh rigatoni over the weekend using this pasta press attachment; the kids loved it and it was a fun (and rather easy) Saturday afternoon project!

3. I found these two on the couch like this after I finished cleaning up from lunch. I love that they love books!

4. I don’t eat ice cream at home very often, but I’ve been craving it. Might need to order a batch of pints from Graeters (my absolute favorite!).

5. I’ve never done much seasonal decorating but I LOVE fall. How do you decorate for autumn?

6. Yesterday was National Guacamole Day! Joseph calls it ROCKamole and I seriously hope he never stops. P.S. I’ve loved my guacamole recipe for yearsssssss; give it a try if you haven’t yet!

7. If you are into freezer meals and looking for new ideas, I came across this 1 Hour Freezer Prep Fall Bundle. I haven’t purchased or used it, but wanted to pass it along in case anyone is interested!

8. Does anyone else get super excited for the Ryder Cup? I can’t wait to watch next weekend!

9. We’re in the last season of Vera, which we’ve loved so much! We’ll be looking for something new soon; any recommendations?

10. TGIF! Girls-only snuggle 💖