1. Last weekend, I briefly heard the kids awake out in the hallway early but dozed back off and woke up a little while later. They often find each other in the morning and play in each other’s rooms, but it was so quiet and when I came downstairs… I found them all in the playroom together, Joseph and Isabelle coloring and Dominic working on a puzzle. They seemed so grown up!!

2. Ina Garten is so fantastic, I love how much she seems to just love life and doesn’t apologize for it.

3. This is absolutely mind-blowing…

4. And now I really want to rewatch The Golden Girls from the beginning!

5. I’m not really into celebrity news or gossip, but this article about candid celebrity photographs from the 90’s and how it was the “last good time” totally hit home for me! I was in high school during the mid-90’s and it absolutely felt that way… no one had cell phones, nothing was posted on social media; looking back, we were so free! Apparently, I am now old enough to reminisce about how much better things were “back in my day” 😂

6. We’re forecasted to get a snow storm on Sunday night and everyone in this house is verrryyyyyy excited! We’ve barely gotten any snowflakes so far this year, and we’ve been waiting!

7. THIS >>

8. Gosh, I feel this so much! I’ve been needing my “close up” glasses more and more lately!

9. Love, love, loved the Yellowstone finale (gah, SO GOOD, I hope they make a million seasons of that show, can’t get enough). We also started 1883, which we’re enjoying! And now we’re catching up on the last two seasons of Cobra Kai to relive our childhoods 😉

10. TGIF! These two know how to relax!