1. This girl has been all smiles this week, I love it!

2. We got a few inches of snow on Sunday, then a few inches on Monday, and then it got FREEZING cold. It all added up to a couple of 2-hour delays this week, which I think I enjoy just as much as the kids!

3. It has also meant that the 8-ish inches we got LAST week never melted, and all of the extra snow hasn’t melted either. I have loved being out and seeing a blanket of white snow everywhere; so pretty!

4. Thank you to everyone for pointing me to the correct Wordle; I LOVE it and am so glad you can only do one a day because otherwise, I’m pretty sure I would go down a long rabbit hole!

5. I really, really, want to be an early riser; I love the morning hours and am so much more productive. My biggest hurdle is getting to bed at a decent enough time.

6. Talk to me about Crumble cookies… have you had them? Are they good? I happened to see a “coming soon” in an empty storefront yesterday, so now I’m anxious to see what all the fuss is about!

7. So many great little nuggets of wisdom here (and in the comments section) >> What’s Your Pro Tip?

8. A phenomenal sports feel-good story >> Kansas City Chiefs Fans Donate to Buffalo Children’s Hospital

9. Over the last week, we watched the first two seasons of The Bay (BritBox); we really liked it but felt pretty “meh” at the season two finale. There is a third season somewhere, but we haven’t found a way to watch it yet.

10. TGIF! Judith really knows how to relax!