1. Last Saturday morning, we took the kids to watch a Penguins practice and they had the BEST time. We had taken the boys before, but it’s been over two years, so they were much younger. All three of them thoroughly enjoyed it and the icing on the cake was having Sidney Crosby flip a puck over the glass to them at the end of practice. Their day was made!

2. Handsome boys before school!

3. Lollipops on the couch with daddy is her favorite :)

4. Okay, I have another Wordle spinoff for you! Last weekend, a friend introduced me to Quordle and I am totally hooked. It’s HARD! There is a grid with four games and you’re playing them all at once and you have 9 tries to complete all 4 words.

5. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure or indulgence? I feel like mine is definitely a cheeseburger and French fries. My go-to comfort food, for sure.

6. Thanks to Ina Garten in the article above, now I know that you can order sourdough, brioche, and other breads, pastries, and cookies from a French bakery and they will ship it to your door fresh!

7. Some great tips in this article >> A Better Way to Say No

8. Did you watch the Super Bowl? Did you have a favorite commercial? We loved the Larry David one!

9. We’ve been bouncing around with some different shows recently; we watched Blood because we loved Adrian Dunbar in Line of Duty so much. The first season was okay; the second one was really, really good but the finale left us underwhelmed. Then we watched The Capture, which was CRAZY.

10. TGIF! She’s queen of the couch!