1. The two mornings this week that Isabelle was at school, Dominic asked to work on projects from his Kiwi Co. boxes. I had such a great time with him both mornings; one day he made a bow and the other was a little science experiment on how colored water can travel up a string and color paper flowers.

2. I forgot to share the kids’ Valentine’s morning last week… they loved waking up to bags of special snacks and stickers!

3. Early morning couch snuggles while I make breakfast 💖

4. YES to reality-based habit change.

5. So true (h/t James Clear newsletter) >>

6. I’ve been hearing a lot of Eagles songs while shuffling through radio stations in the car lately and they remind me so much of high school. I had their greatest hits and can remember putting it on in my room on Saturday afternoons and laying down to take a nap before going out to do whatever it was my friends and I were doing that night – usually, a school basketball game, hanging out at someone’s house, or the movies. I love that certain music can conjure up such vivid memories!

7. Speaking of movies, do teenagers GO to the movies anymore? I realize the last couple of years have been abnormal but before that? Is going to the movies still a thing? I feel like we did that nearly every single weekend my freshman and sophomore year of high school.

8. Another week, another Wordle spinoff for you! This one is for all of you geography lovers; it’s called Worldle and you try to guess the country by a silhouette shape. If you’re wrong, you get directional clues. You can read more about it here.

9. We watched Reacher (Amazon Prime) this past week and loooooved it. Highly recommend!

10. TGIF! A little throwback to me and Einstein (for those that are new here, he was the Golden Retriever I had from before my husband I started dating. He passed away a few weeks before Dominic was born in 2016). My husband found this picture on his phone this week ❤️