1. This boy turned EIGHT yesterday! I can’t believe how quickly time passes and boy, most days I wish I could redo the years all over again. Just to soak up every minute like it’s impossible to do when you’re in the thick of it.

2. We realized over the summer that Joseph had really outgrown his bike and got him a new one for his birthday. The stars aligned and it was an unbelievable 50 degrees yesterday, so he actually got to ride for a while after school ❤️

3. And I had one of the best days ever with this sweet girl. After we dropped her brothers off at school, she helped me wrap Joseph’s presents, we made the Rice Krispie treats that he had requested for his birthday dessert, ran a ton of errands, bought balloons, etc. She was just so happy and we had such a great time together.

4. Dominic will begin his second round of the new immunotherapy and low-dose chemo regimen next week, and afterward will have another full-body scan to see how everything is looking. Please offer up some prayers or good thoughts that the treatment is effective, he has minimal side effects, and that we get encouraging news from the scans 🙏🏻

5. Love this, such great ideas >> Five Types of Habits That Will Radially Change Your Life

6. I made these saucy gochujang noodles last weekend (used pork instead of chicken) and my family LOVED them. There were zero leftovers, which rarely happened. Highly recommend!

7. I’ve always preferred the morning to late afternoon or evening, and a few weeks ago my mom and I were talking about this (she likes nighttime). She said my grandfather always went to bed early and relished the mornings, while my grandma would like staying up later, and that he would tell her, “You can’t soar with the eagles in the morning if you’re up with the owls at night”, and I just love it 😊

8. Talk to me about little girl hair accessories… Isabelle has probably outgrown most of the bows and clips she has, and she isn’t a huge fan of headbands. Any recommendations for where to get some hair accessories for girls that have outgrown the baby and toddler-sized things? Looking for things that are simple and cute, not a bow the size of her head 😆

9. What are you currently watching? We finished the season of Tulsa King and are enjoying 1923… still need to start the new season of Mayor of Kingstown. We’ve also watched Stay Close (Netflix) and are currently watching Paranoid (also Netflix).

10. TGIF! Pup snuggles are the best!