1. Last weekend, we celebrated my grandma’s 90th birthday! What an absolute milestone ❤️

2. Next week, we are heading back to New York for a new set of scans and a bone marrow biopsy for Dominic. Since we’ve been able to do his last two treatment rounds here in Pittsburgh, it’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly two months since we’ve been there! This stretch of time is the longest we have gone without needing to travel there since last May; it’s been a very welcome break!

3. Have you heard of the reverse grocery list? It sounds like a good idea in theory but I don’t think I patience to set it up the first time! Do you have something like or a full food inventory?

4. On taking back some of your time << love some of these recommendations!

5. This breakfast sandwich is calling my name!

6. Do you have a favorite recipe you make every Easter? Some go-to’s in our family over the years have been my fennel and cumin-crusted lamb, my grandma’s broccoli salad, and strawberry pretzel salad.

7. The Kitchn says that these are the most exciting snacks to buy right now… do you love any of them? I’m a big pretzel crisp fan, and now I have a bunch of new snacks I want to try!

8. Was I the last person to know about the Cat & Jack return policy at Target? I just found out yesterday that they accept returns for up to one full year for pretty much any reason, including the clothes getting holes in them (hello, they must know my children) or if your kids have simply outgrown the items. It sounds bananas, and I had no idea!

9. We watched The Night Agent on Netflix this last week and it was SO GOOD. Highly recommend! Thrilled to see that a second season has already been ordered.

10. TGIF! These two 💙💖