One girl and two boys drinking milkshakes.

1. Summer is just flying by! We are loving the long days with very loose bedtimes, slow mornings, lots of outside time, many rounds of mini golf golf, milkshakes, swim parties, park dates, fireworks, and that wonderful carefree feeling. I can’t believe school starts back up in a little over a month. Trying not to think about it!

2. There have been countless wiggly and lost teeth here over the last month or so. Isabelle lost one, then Dominic lost two within a week, then Joseph lost one (he hadn’t lost one in about two years!).

3. A few weeks ago, Dominic decided he wanted to learn how to tie shoes. He grabbed one of Joseph’s, sat down, I walked him through it step by step, and… he just GOT IT. He had maybe one or two moments of frustration, but kept doing it over and over; he was so proud of himself, and I was so proud of him!

4. If you are a fan of the Stanley tumblers, they are in the midst of a summer refresh drop with a couple of new colors; here are the options: 40-ounce in Orchid, 30-ounce in Orchid, 40-ounce in Alpine, and 40-ounce in Iris.

5. I’ve tried to be really cognizant of how much I can accomplish in short snippets of time and I am always left astonished about what I can get done! >> The Incredible Power of Focusing for 15 Minutes

6. I love this:

7. I need your best sock recommendations… I’m running low (they all get holes at the same time!) and don’t love any of the few that are left in my drawer right now (no show Saucony, thin ankle Adidas, thick ankle Puma, quarter length Bombas and another brand I don’t even know what they are)… do you have any you love? Looking mostly for ankle or no-show for the remainder of summer, then quarter or crew for fall/winter.

8. Hundreds of Golden Retrievers gathered in Scotland to celebrate the breed’s 155th birthday where they originated. A dream!! All those sweet faces 🤩

9. We finished the latest season of Jack Ryan (SO GOOD!) and currently watching the new episodes of Justified. What are you watching?

10. TGIF! Last week at Dominic’s clinic appointment, he (and Isabelle, who tagged along) got to meet another Golden! Such a sweet pup ❤️

A girl and a boy posing for a photo with a Golden Retriever dog sitting between them.