Girl sitting on a carpet playing with toys and a dog next to her.

1. I just love her imagination 🩷

2. How in the world did he get to be such a big kid?!

Boy standing in front of a large doll on display.

3. Thank you for all of your beautiful words and continued prayers for Dominic as I shared news of his remission last week. We will go to New York next week for him to receive his first neuroblastoma vaccine injection. We’ve been told that the injection can be painful, so we are hopeful that any side effects are mild and short-lived and, of course, that this helps him to remain in remission.

Boy in hockey goalie equipment in front of a net in a driveway.

4. On that note, September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month and the Etsy store QT Bracelets is selling gold-themed bracelets that can be personalized. All proceeds will go to Band of Parents for neuroblastoma research funding.

5. I saw this excerpt in a James Clear newsletter and really loved it:

“Explore life from a position of power.

When you believe, “Even if I stay single, I’ll still have a great life” … then you are in a much better position to enter a relationship.

When you believe, “Even if I don’t get into this school, I’ll still have a great life” … then you are in a much better position to apply.

When you believe, “Even if I don’t succeed with this business, I’ll still have a great life” … then you are in a much better position to give it a try.

Sure, you may want the relationship to work or the business to be a success—and you should give it your best effort—but also realize that if it doesn’t work out, you’ll be fine. There are many ways to live a great life.”

6. Today is National Date Nut Bread Day… who knew there was such a thing?! Luckily, I have a delicious date nut spice bread perfect for the occasion.

7. I saw Nordic Ware post on Instagram about their loaf cake keeper that has a snap-on lid, and I immediately searched for it. I’m pretty sure my husband would appreciate this over the layers of plastic wrap he has to wrestle with when I wrap up any type of quick bread or pound cake 😅

8. Are you excited for the start of football this weekend? We enjoyed watching college last weekend; I think we’ve definitely been transformed into a college football-loving house over the last couple of years. We’ve found it so much more enjoyable and more exciting than watching NFL games (though we’ll still watch those, too).

9. Last week, we were talking with our parents about some of the classic shows from the 1980’s… I wish so many of them were on reruns somewhere. What were some of your favorites?

10. TGIF! Always on high alert around here!