1. Last week, I mentioned that my Chief Culinary Consultant and I have made a tradition of shopping at the outlets on Black Friday, walking around and usually not buying a single thing. We continued that tradition last Friday, although instead of heading to the outlets an hour north of us, we ventured an hour south. As in years past, we didn’t buy anything, then traveled further south to Oglebay in Wheeling, WV. We enjoyed dinner, did some shopping, and then drove through their light display, since the one that has been a Pittsburgh mainstay for years had to be cancelled this year due to lack of funding. It wasn’t the same, but it was a fabulous way to spend the day after the Thanksgiving, and we even saw our first snowflakes of the season that evening!

2. To cap off the holiday weekend, we went to see The Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Extravaganza concert. The music was fabulous, with a mix of Christmas tunes and some classic swing hits.

If the tour comes your way, I’d highly recommend it, such a fun show! It was the perfect end to the holiday weekend, and an awesome way to kick-off the Christmas season.

3. I have long been a fan of Anthropologie for their kitchen items and aprons, but this week I discovered the world of their apparel. More specifically, their sweaters. Heaven help me.

4. I’m pretty sure that if Santa can’t deliver, it’s not going to happen. We need a Christmas miracle…

5. When I was a kid, it was absolutely impossible to make a list for Santa until the JCPenney Christmas catalog arrived. That catalog is the source of some of my most fond memories from the 1980’s. I have visions of myself, my sister and two cousins huddled around my grandma’s dining room table, catalog open, scribbling feverishly on pieces of paper. I’m not sure when JCPenney stopped sending that catalog out, but I’d like to start a petition for its revival.

6. My new pet obsession: a reindeer.

I know, totally not practical, but neither is my desire for a polar bear. I obviously live in a make-believe world in which wild animals will only want to hug me. This video totally brainwashed me:

7. Tomorrow I’m planning to start my Christmas baking list. Otherwise known as, the crazy, long, over-ambitious list of things I want to make before Christmas. I inevitably only ever get about halfway through the list, but making it is part of the fun! What are some of your must-bakes for the holiday season? Link up recipes if you have them, I’m always looking for new things to try!

8. Remember when I told you I was going to give the whole photo-a-day challenge a try at the beginning of November? I didn’t do so well keeping up with it, unfortunately. However, tomorrow is December 1st, which means another chance to give it a go. Is anyone else taking part? See the prompts below and check out the post on fat mum slim for more details!

9. In case you missed it earlier in the week, don’t forget to enter to win an iMac or a $500 Visa gift card! The giveaway is still open, so get your entries in! Good luck!

10. TGIF! Do something crazy this weekend!