Two kids standing on a snowy deck with three small snowmen between them.

1. Last weekend, we finally got some snow! Not a whole lot, but an inch or two, and the kids were thrilled!

2. Isabelle is wearing the hat that I made over Christmas break; I wanted a quick knitting project and this was perfect. It knit up quickly and the pattern was easy to follow (I got the pattern on Etsy – the Madison Beanie).

3. Then on Tuesday, school was canceled due to ice! I didn’t even realize we were supposed to get bad weather so I was stunned when I woke up early Tuesday morning and heard what I thought was rain, but then saw a text from the school that there was a delay. It was actually ice and it just kept icing and icing, and a couple of hours later, they closed for the day. The best surprise! It was a pajamas and game morning ❤️

Three kids sitting around the board game Sorry at a kitchen table.

4. Some type of stomach bug seems to making its way through our house the latter part of this week (honestly, it NEVER ENDS), and I’m crossing my fingers and toes that I’m spared 🙃

5. Do you have any resolutions for the year? Goals you’d like to work on or things you want to learn? How about any new recipes you want to try?

6. If “baking homemade bread” is high on your list this year, I have over 100 bread recipes to get you started; be sure to check out the ever-popular white sandwich bread recipe, it’s easy and the dough is forgiving, perfect for beginner bread bakers!

7. Wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a good crossbody bag? I’d like something roomy but not enormous. I’ve been carrying a large tote-style leather bag since Dominic was first hospitalized since it’s huge and I can put tons of stuff in it. I like to have free hands, though and would like to switch to a crossbody, but one big enough to be functional. I have my eye on this one, but would love your recommendations before I make a decision!

8. I am a little over a third of the way through Before We Were Yours and I am loving it. Such a riveting book and I’m sure it only gets better.

9. We watched Fool Me Once on Netflix over the last weekend and, oh my goodness, SO. GOOD. Highly recommend!

10. TGIF! The sweetest pup, just love him 💙

Golden retriever dog laying on a dark brown dog bed.