Boy in khaki pants and a red sweater standing in front of a refrigerator.

1. Today, Joseph turns NINE! My goodness, how the time has flown! It has been such a joy being his mom and watching him grow up into a big kid. He is obsessed with all sports, loves trivia and geography, is a big reader, and is still our most serious kid, lives for following the rules, and is so incredibly thoughtful. I can’t wait to see how much he grows, changes, and learns this year 💙

2. And the cherry on top? There is a snow day today that was announced last night, so everyone has been VERY excited!

3. Next week, Dominic and I will be headed to New York for a big set of scans, a bone marrow biopsy, and his next neuroblastoma vaccine injection. We are praying everything is still clear and that he remains in remission 🙏🏻

Little boy sitting on the floor playing with super hero action figures.

4. I finally replaced our wool dryer balls this week; my mom bought me a set for Christmas yearsssss ago and I’ve never used dryer sheets since, I swear by them! Over the years though, half of them got snatched up by opportunistic pups and the ones that were left had start to pill and loosen up, so I got a fresh set. I highly, highly recommend them!

5. Do you have a nighttime routine that you swear by? I love to hear how other people structure their mornings, evenings, and days.

6. We are making our favorite rice krispie treats today; Joseph requests them every year to eat on his birthday. Would be a great snow day treat if you’re looking for something easy to make! :) Classic no bake cookies are also a great option to make with kiddos that may be home from school today.

7. Speaking of snow days, I do appreciate the efficiency that comes with receiving texts from the school when there is a delay or closure, but boy, I feel like my kids are missing out on having to sit by the radio (or watch a scroll on the bottom of the TV) and wait to see if your school got called for a delay or cancellation. The nail-biting anticipation was real!

8. Is your team still standing in the playoffs? Our Steelers lost, but Joseph is excited to cheer for some other teams, ha!

9. We’ve been watching Poker Face (on Peacock); it’s kind of quirky with Fargo vibes, but not as dark… we’re enjoying it!

10. TGIF! Wishing you the coziest weekend!

Dog laying on a couch on top of a blanket.