Three children standing in front of a dinosaur exhibit at a museum.

1. The kids have been on break this week, and it’s been so nice for everyone to be home! It has basically monsooned all week here, but we’ve had fun, including a trip to the museum earlier this week. The kids loved the dinosaurs and all of the animal exhibits.

2. Isabelle turns SIX tomorrow! I can’t believe how fast time flies. She is so excited to celebrate! 🎉 And she took her first gymnastics class this week; she has been wanting it to try it for awhile now, and she loved it.

3. What are you excited about cooking and baking in the coming month? I feel like the beginning of the year is a short recovery from the holiday season, then it’s multiple birthdays in our family, the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Lent, Easter… so many occasions to think about.

4. This week, Dominic asked for chocolate chip cookies and I made my very favorite chewy chocolate chip cookies. I don’t make them all the time because they require a bit of advanced planning (you have to soften the butter and then chill the dough), but this week, we had lots of time, and I remembered just how much I love these cookies! I stocked the freezer with these before each of the kids were born and packed a handful in my hospital bag. My freezer is now officially restocked :)

5. I loved scrolling this list of pantry awards for favorite snack foods. Have you tried any of these? I actually haven’t had any! My kids just tried the almond version of the Nature Valley granola bars mentioned in this list and they LOVED them. I want to try the hot honey potato chips, as well as the dill pickle ones!

6. Love >> 51 Simple Pleasures to Seek Out and Appreciate More Often

7. I finished The Last Mrs. Parrish this week and loooooved it. I would probably put it into the category of “suspense”, and I couldn’t wait to see how everything was going to shake out. Next up: The Maid (haven’t started it yet).

8. Yessss >> The Joy (and Nerdery) of a Crossword Puzzle Routine… A few years ago, I would always do the WSJ crossword after dinner and my husband had gotten me the USA Today crossword a day calendar for Christmas, so I would that on, too. I need to get back into them, I love crosswords!

9. We finally finished Reign, which seemed to have a very rushed and abrupt ending. We’re now back to a new season of No Offence. What are you watching right now?

10. TGIF! The coziest, snuggliest dog I’ve ever known…

Dog sleeping on a bed.